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Insights Into The Bail Bonds Process In Bunnell, Florida

May 26, 2016

Bail Bonds in Bunnell, Florida Nobody likes having to call a bail bonds company. However, they are a lot like lawyers, when you need one they're worth their weight in gold. Maybe you've already experienced getting that late-night call informing you that a loved one has been jailed and needs to be bailed out. If you've never gone through this before then you might be wondering how it all works. You may also not have a clue as to how to locate the right bail bonds company.

A lot of people are totally unaware of the fact that the 'bail bonds' industry is actually regulated. In Bunnell, Florida this industry is regulated by their Dept. of Insurance. For sure, nobody ever wants to find themselves in a position that requires the assistance of a bail bondsman - but life happens to everybody. When it does, it's nice if you know what you should ask and say when you call a bail bondsman. Here are some tips to give you some insight into how it works

(1). What Does a Bail Bonds Company in Bunnell, Florida Charge?

Their rates are different from one state to another. On average they charge around 8 to 15 percent of the overall bail amount. You should be wary of anybody who offers you a 'bargain rate' because they could be operating illegally. There are some companies out there that are posing as reputable companies but are actually shysters.

(2). How Quickly Can I Get My Loved One Out of Jail?

Bail bondsman are only capable of controlling the speed of getting the paperwork filed and making payment. They don't have the authority or clout to force a jailer to let somebody out any faster. Most of the more experienced bail bondsmen can give you a somewhat accurate time-frame for when your loved one will be released. The process of getting somebody out of jail can be quite slow and time consuming. You'll need plenty of patience as the process unfolds. The jails want to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including the public and even the other inmates.

(3). How Does the Bail Bonds Process Work in Bunnell, Florida?

Your bail bondsman should be ready to explain the process to you effortlessly. They have been there done that. Here is a basic outline of the process

(a). Your bail bondsman collects general information about the entire situation and then makes an assessment as to how much risk is involved. They need to know things like what jail your loved one is in, what the charges are, length of time at their current residence, if they're employed, where employed, and how long.

(b). Clients need to make arrangement to pay the bond and finish filling out all state-required bond documents (bail bond application), sign the indemnity agreement and the receipt. The bail bondsman must prove to the court they'll be able to locate the client should it become necessary.

After that your bail bonds company posts the necessary bail (usually 10%) of the full amount and the client gets released.

What You Should Know About the Bail Bonds Company in Bunnell, Florida

You should always find out if the bail bonds company you're dealing with is licensed and if their license is currently in good standing. Ask them to let you see their identification as well as their license before turning over any money.

Your Responsibilities as the Contract Signer

An 'indemnitor' is the person who arranges and pays for bail for someone who is in jail. They must accept the responsibility to ensure the defendant makes it to court on the date provided. If for any reason they don't show up for court the 'indemnitor' is responsible for payment of the whole bail amount.

These things vary some between states but knowing a little about the process and how it works can be a valuable asset when dealing with bail bondsmen and the courts.