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Bail Bonds in Bunnell, Florida Explained

October 12, 2016

#1 Ace Bail Bonds Bunnell, Florida At one time or another, whether in a movie or on a television show, you've probably heard about Bunnell, Florida bail bonds. You may know that when people are arrested, bail bonds must be posted on their behalf in order to get them out of jail. Apart from this, however, you might be unclear about exactly what Florida bail bonds are.

There are several things that occur when a person gets arrested. This individual is booked and processed, and then bail is set relative to severity of the related charges. There are also times when people are remanded and this means that the judge has determined them to be ineligible for bail, and far less frequently, defendants are sometimes released on personal recognizance, which means that they do not need to remit any money in order to gain release.

How Do Bunnell, Florida Bail Bonds Work?

Once their bail has been set, defendants have two ways of getting out of jail: posting the full bail amount with the court or hiring a Bunnell, Florida bail bondsman. When the full bail amount is posted, this is usually accomplished with a cashier's check or all cash. Once the case has reached its end, bail monies will be refunded by the Bunnell, Florida court system. When using a Florida bail bondsman, however, just 10 percent of the full amount will need to be paid by the defendant.

A lot of people use Bunnell, Florida bail bondsmen because the bail amounts in this region are among some of the highest throughout the country. Most Bunnell, Florida residents don't have large sums of money such as $10k or $100k just lying around for instances like these. Bail bonds are basically promises that defendants will appear in court for all court dates pertaining to the charges in question.

While all bail bonds agencies assist people in getting out of jail, this does not mean that all of these companies are structured or function in the exact same way. Some make it possible to pay fees with credit cards, others require cash, and some may make it necessary to visit their offices in-person to complete this process, while others let their customers secure bail bonds via the Internet, over the phone or by fax. If you're ever in a situation in which a bail bond is essential, you will want to work with a company that is capable of accommodating your unique range of needs.

After bail bonds are prepared, agency representatives bring these to the jails at which defendants are being held and post them. Once this is done, defendants are processed for their release.

Ample Options For Meeting Your Bail Bond Needs in Bunnell

If you ever need to hire a Bunnell, Florida bail bondsman, make sure to hire someone who is best able to meet the needs of your situation, who can accommodate your limitations (such as by setting up a bail bonds payment plan or by having a familiarity with the local jail system) and who can answer all of your questions in a courteous and wholly professional fashion.

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