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Bail Bonds in Bunnell, Florida Explained

October 12, 2016

At one time or another, whether in a movie or on a television show, you've probably heard about Bunnell, Florida bail bonds. You may know that when people are arrested, bail bonds must be posted on their behalf in order to get them out of jail. Apart from this, however, you might be unclear about ...

Insights Into The Bail Bonds Process In Bunnell, Florida

May 26, 2016

Nobody likes having to call a bail bonds company. However, they are a lot like lawyers, when you need one they're worth their weight ...

What Are Bail Bonds?

November 24, 2015

When a person is arrested, the accused may have the opportunity to pay bail. This is a payment that the arrested person may be able to make to the court in order to leave jail until trial. The payment is a way that the court can help ensure that the accused will appear at any future court dates. ...

Bail Bonds Daytona Beach Law

April 17, 2015
(1) The purpose of a bail bond determination in criminal proceedings is to ensure the appearance of the criminal defendant at subsequent proceedings and to protect the community against unreasonable danger from the criminal defendant.

(2) When determining whether to release a defendant on bail bond in Daytona Beach or other conditions, and what that bail bonds or those conditions may

Bail Bonds Quickly

January 6, 2015
It helps to know the local bail bond procedure in order to get a bail bond quickly. Ace Bail Bonds writes many bail bonds for both Daytona Beach and Palm Coast Fl. Call for more information.

If the crime is relatively minor, or if the judge believes that the accused is unlikely to flee, he may be released on his own recognizance. In this case, no bail is required.

Bail Bonds History

March 7, 2014
Before we get into some Court cases that were in our Court systems dealing with how to deal with bail bonds. This is the greatest Country on the planet and we treat all people as innocent before they are tried in the Courts. Our laws were intended to protect the innocent, we could not let criminals go free on the streets. Once they were caught, we could not just let them go until their court date.